Leon's NeoCities page

This is my NeoCities page. It's a page where I can relax and not care about stuff.

Here are some text styles I've been working on for Twine and/or web pages in general, as more exotic supplements to bold and italic:

correction fluid - for the <ins> tag.
expunged text - for the <del> tag.
outline - <span class="outline">
shadow - <span class="shadow">
condense - <span class="condense">
expand - <span class="expand">
blur - <span class="blur">
blurrier - <span class="blurrier">
smear - <span class="smear">
mirror - <span class="mirror">
upside-down - <span class="upside-down">
blink - CSS-supported <blink>.
fade in-out - <span class="fade-in-out">
rumble - <span class="rumble">
shudder - <span class="shudder">
marching ants - <span class="marching-ants">
marching red ants - <span class="marching-red-ants">
sparkle text (MS Office 97) - <span class="sparkle">

If you want to use any of these for your own NeoCities page, the current CSS file is here.